The Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) has been set up by the government since 1994 to provide funding support to local non-profit making organisations for projects and activities in relation to environmental and conservation matters. The categories of projects include Environmental Education and Community Action (EE&CA) Projects, Community Waste Recovery Projects and Environmental Research, Technology Demonstration and Conference Projects, Energy-cum-carbon Audits and Energy Efficiency Projects, etc. Under the ECF Ordinance, the ECF Committee has been set up since 1994 to advise the Secretary for Environment and Ecology, the trustee responsible for the administration of the Fund, on the use of funds.

Objectives of EE&CA Projects

All EE&CA Projects should target at enhancing the environmental awareness and knowledge of the participants, mobilizing action and inducing behavioural changes to improve the environmental problems, with positive impact on the environment and measurable and tangible outcomes against the objectives set for the projects. Projects should identify effective, and where possible, innovative means to achieve the objectives and should take into account the environmental impact of project implementation (such as waste generation and material consumption).

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