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Recipient Organizations' Corner

The recipient organizations should pay attention to the following guidelines / requirements in administering and implementing the funded projects:

  1. Ethical Practices, Staff Recruitment and Procurement
    Ethical Practices and General Guidelines on Administration and Procurement Matters
    Strengthening Integrity and Accountability
    - Goverment Funding Schemes Grantee's Guidebook
    Integrity and Corruption Prevention Guide on Managing Relationship with Public Servants
  2. Progress Reports and Completion Reports
    Refer to Section 4.5 of Guide to Application
  3. Audited Statement of Accounts
    Refer to Section 4.6 of Guide to Application
  4. Acknowledgement of Funding Support of ECF and ECC
    Refer to Section 4.9 of Guide to Application
  5. Changes of Project Details.
    Refer to Section 4.12 of Guide to Application
Environmental Education and Community Action Projects - Recipient Organizations’ Corner
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