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Year 2017 – 2018

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  Project No. Recipient Organisation Project Title Approved Amount Summary of Completion Report
Priority Theme
Sustainable Use of Biological Resources
1. 1832 Environmental Association Limited ECF - About Cherish Biological Resources $1,466,475.00  
2. 1838 Conservation E3 Foundation Limited ECF - Choosing Green $1,091,545.00  
3. 1844 Caritas Fanling Chan Chun Ha Secondary School Environment and Conservation Fund - Nature's Gifts $438,620.00  
Special Themes
Nature Conservation of South Lantau Projects
4. 1797 World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong ECF - Sustainable Shui Hau $1,594,689.00  
5. 1818 Department of Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong ECF “Shui Hau Magnification”- Upstanding Human Disturbances on Horseshoe Crabs $753,885.00  
6. 1820 Firefly Conservation Foundation Limited ECF Nature Conservation in South Lantau- Discover South Lantau $382,090.00  
7. 1829 Environmental Association Limited ECF - LantAReau $1,558,025.00  
8. 1831 Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong Limited ECF Exploring WILD Lantau $1,550,366.00  
9. 1848 Ichthyological Society of Hong Kong ECF The Fish Kaleidoscope - Stream Explorer in Lantau $454,464.00  
10. 1851 OIWA Limited ECF Education Programme on Nature Conservation $1,298,131.20  
11. 1857 Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong ECF Ecology and Conservation 101: Grooming the Next Great Ecologist $586,542.00  
12. 1860 Land Education Foundation Limited ECF Mui Wo Farm to Table Agricultural Community Plan $934,215.00  
Clean Shorelines Projects
13. 1667 Ground & Round Theatre ECF Ocean Blings $258,750.00  
14. 1704 The Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong) Limited ECF The Big Cleanup- Community-based Action Programme on Coastal Cleaning $546,200.00  
15. 1705 Association for Sha Tau Kok Culture and Ecology ECF Coastal Conservation and Education Programme $341,640.00  
16. 1737 Hong Kong Women Development Association Limited ECF “R” Coast Cleaning Programme $664,450.00    
17. 1762 Environmental Association Limited ECF Coastal Conservation @ Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark $977,165.00  
18. 1768 Earth Rescue Team ECF Little White Dolphin Story & Game Tour $822,320.00  
19. 1798 World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong ECF Sea Without Litter II $2,799,331.00  
20. 1825 Environmental Association LTD ECF Community Coastal Ambassador Training $1,569,035.00  
21. 1834 Friends of the Earth (HK) Charity Limited Environment and Conservation Fund Supported Project - STEM @ International Schools in HK $461,970.00  
Climate Change Projects
22. 1655D Ying Wa Primary School Green YWPS- We STOP Climate Change $275,000.00  
23. 1684D The Association of Directors and Former Directors of Pok Oi Hospital Limited Leung Sing Tak College Climate Change Fighters in LSTC $220,000.00  
24. 1691 World Green Organisation ECF Project: A 6-part Video Series and Engagement Activities for Secondary School Students and the General Public on Climate Change $1,414,440.00  
25. 1697D Po Leung Kuk Chong Kee Ting Primary School PLKCKTPS- We Save Our Earth! $220,000.00  
26. 1700D Yuen Long Merchants Association Primary School Live Green, Eat Smart! $122,000.00  
27. 1725D New Territories Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School New Territories Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School Carbon Green School $307,000.00  
28. 1776 Association of Hong Kong Visual Arts and Culture Education Ltd ECF 2018 HK Eco Cinema Festival- Sound of Climate Warriors (Sound Art and Video Art Workshop, Inflow, Travelling Screenings, Post-screening and Exhibitions)     $702,795.00  
29. 1795 Hong Kong America Center ECF The COP and MOOT Project for Climate Change Education in Hong Kong $591,632.00  
30. 1837 Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, The Chinese University of Hong Kong ECF 'The Drama of Climate Change and a Low-carbon Future' $1,538,875.00  
31. 1849 GIA Theatre ECF School Tour Drama < Who Stole Our Rainbow? > 2018 $292,500.00  
Biodiversity Projects
32. 1707 Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Sha Tin), Vocational Training Council (VTC) ECF – Kids’ Greenway – Biodiversity $1,316,457.50  
33. 1710 Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong Limited ECF Joyful Learning in Forest Ecology – Broad Game.Outdoor.Environmental Education $736,516.00  
34. 1741 Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service- Hong Kong ECF Project of All People as Ecological Conservator in Ma On Shan $325,316.00  
35. 1805 The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society ECF Birdwatching and Nature Appreciation for Special Needs People $406,640.00  
36. 1827 Business Development & Education, Ocean Park Corporation ECF x Ocean Park- Discover Biodiversity in Campus $743,600.00  
37. 1830 The Conservancy Association ECF Biodiversity - Our Neighborhoods $396,005.00  
General Themes
38. 1653D PLK Mr. & Mrs. Chan Pak Keung Tsing Yi School Eco Gym Corner - Kinetic Bike Generator $50,000.00  
39. 1658 Wisdom Regeneration ECF Come and Join Us, Waste Reduction $121,422.22  
40. 1660 College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong (CityU) ECF Secondary School Outreach Program: Behavioural Insight in Environmental Public Policy $174,448.00  
41. 1663D Helen Liang Memorial Secondary School (Shatin) Environmental Education Programme $324,500.00  
42. 1664D GCCITKD Lau Pak Lok Secondary School GCCITKD Lau Pak Lok Secondary School Energy Conservation Scheme $213,500.00  
43. 1672D Kowloon Technical School Go Green@KTS $332,000.00  
44. 1677D Kwok Man School Green Power@KMS $214,800.00  
45. 1681 School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong ECF Rolling Out the "Play & Grow" Environmental Education Program for Families with Preschool Children $1,376,950.00  
46. 1683D Pui Tak Canossian College Green School - Pui Tak Canossian College $101,500.00  
47. 1689D Caritas Hong Kong ECF Full Utilization of Food Waste $101,200.00  
48. 1695D Nam Wah Catholic Secondary School Generator Bike and Green Roof Project $406,300.00  
49. 1699D HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No.1 Secondary School Yuen Yuen No. 1 Low Carbon Action Plan $103,300.00  
50. 1702D N.T.W.J.W.A.Ltd. Leung Sing Tak Primary School Environmental Conservation Scheme $308,500.00  
51. 1703D The Church of Christ in China Cheung Chau Church Kam Kong Primary School Green Lifestyles at Kam Kong $203,350.00  
52. 1706D CCC Yenching College Green Education at Yenching $342,000.00  
53. 1709 Anxinbao Icare for The Elderly Company Limited ECF Old Tree Route $44,896.00  
54. 1715 Christian & Missionary Alliance Kwun Tong Church Family Service Centre ECF The Green Action $45,275.00  
55. 1721D Pentecostal School <Less Waste Endless Lives> Environmental Education Program $492,800.00  
56. 1727D HKTA Sheung Yeung Primary School Sunshine Green School $202,850.00  
57. 1729D Lam Tai Fai College Low Carbon and Green Living Style Programme $220,250.00  
58. 1730 Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation Limited ECF: Herpetofauna Conservation Ambassador Training Programme $471,750.00  
59. 1731 Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service Yau Tsim Mong Integrated Centre for Youth Development ECF +RECYCLE. –REDUCE $13,490.00  
60. 1734 Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong ALOHA (Eastern) ECF Exchange the Better World $31,450.00  
61. 1739D Sha Tau Kok Central Primary School Ecological Garden $40,200.00  
62. 1745D Caritas Ma On Shan Secondary School Enhancing Suitability: Food Waste Recycling $105,000.00  
63. 1746 Green Sense Hong Kong Limited ECF SAY No to “Disposables”- Less Disposables to Reduce Waste $149,940.00  
64. 1755 Po Leung Kuk – Social Services Department ECF Integrative Learning, Low Carbon Living $758,394.80    
65. 1760 International Women's League Neighbourhood Elderly Centre ECF Low Carbon Living Style $22,700.00  
66. 1782D S.K.H. Ling Oi Primary School Green Fun in Ling Oi $155,300.00  
67. 1793 United Social Service Centre Ltd ECF Plastic Free School Lunch $782,875.84  
68. 1794D Hoi Pa Street Government Primary School ECF – Cycle for Recycle $90,000.00  
69. 1800D Kam Tsin Village Ho Tung School ECF – Reducing, Protecting, Meaningful Life Is Coming. $633,690.00  
70. 1801D The Salvation Army William Booth Secondary School ECF – Step、Step and Collect $90,000.00  
71. 1802D Confucian Tai Shing Primary School ECF – Energy Saving & Low Carbon Life in Confusion Tai Shing Primary School $100,500.00  
72. 1803D Xianggang Putonghua Yanxishe Primary School of Science and Creativity ECF – Eco Green Action $75,000.00  
73. 1807D Buddhist Wong Cheuk Um Primary School ECF – Wong Cheuk Um Green Programme $383,800.00  
74. 1808 Consumer Council ECF Earth 2038’s Learning Journey of Sustainable Consumption $2,621,281.00  
75. 1809D Our Lady of China Catholic Primary School ECF – Garbage Disposal Unit and Bike Generator $93,100.00  
76. 1817D The IMC of Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School ECF – Build a Green School Community $140,400.00  
77. 1833 The Conservancy Association ECF Embracing the Green Legacy of Community $436,585.00  
78. 1839 The Green Earth Limited ECF Make Our Nature Trails Sustainable - Leave No Trace Education Programme $1,567,130.00  
79. 1843D Salesian Yip Hon Primary School ECF – SYHPS with Sun $220,000.00  
80. 1861 Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong ECF Rational Use of Chinese Medicinal Residues, Treat the Chinese Medicinal Pulp Properly---Save Money, Healthy and Environmentally Friendly $444,701.00  
Green NGO Programme
81. 1651 Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups ECF Creative Upcycling Project $462,148.98  
82. 1816 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey Club Tin Yuet Youth S.P.O.T. ECF Tin Shui Wai City Environmental Protection Festival $90,170.00  
83. 1869 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups ECF Love our Romer’s Tree Frog: Biodiversity Conservation and Ecology Education Program $600,318.43  
84. 1870 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups ECF Low Carbon Cooking Competition and “Low Carbon Kitchen” Video Production Scheme $549,106.26  
85. 1872 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups ECF Indoor Air Quality Youth Education Programme $241,056.40  
 Environmental Education and Community Action Projects - General Projects - List of approved General Projects - Year 2013 – 2014
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