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Year 2014 – 2015

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  Recipient Organisation Project Title Approved Amount Summary of Completion Report
1. Yan Oi Tong Limited The Green Livelihood Place and Green Community Course* $3,658,495.80
2. Hong Kong Islands District Association Environmental Art Program for Islands District 2015-16 - Green Drama* $470,310.00
3. Sik Sik Yuen SSY - Plastic Recycling Education Program* $149,596.00
4. Sik Sik Yuen SSY – Food Waste Recycling Education Program* $228,950.00
5. Ground & Round Theatre 《Green or Ruins》* $351,800.00
6. Hong Kong Playground Association Sai Tso Wan Children & Youth Centre Love Green * $3,906.00
7. Baby Kingdom Environmental Protection Education Fund Limited Funny Hydroponic Strawberry School Project * $255,380.00 Download PDF
(Chinese version only)
8. The Annual Quiz Limited The Social Science Annual Quiz 2014/15 - Food Wise Liberal Studies Cup* $411,697.00
9. Catholic Messengers of Green Consciousness Waste Reduction - Quality Life * $355,064.00 Download PDF
(Chinese version only)
10. Zero Carbon Building Web version of ZCB interactive displays* $550,000.00 Download PDF
11. Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Eliminate Waste @ Campus * $854,200.00
12. HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre Use it Right Project * $206,200.00
13. Art Home See You Again Ocean * $456,590.00
14. United Labour Chi Hong Association Limited Green Festival* $106,190.00
15. Hong Kong Association of the Deaf Silence in Environment* $29,120.00
16. Greeners Action Zero Food Waste Cooking Competition* $1,229,540.00
17. Caritas Lok Jun School Permaculture: Regional Education Centre* $46,940.00
18. Ecobus Countryside Sustainability: Promotion of Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics* $493,140.00
19. Roundtable Community Limited Energy for Youth - Energy Elite Model International Conference Training Scheme * $424,396.00
20. Green Sense HK Limited Travel Green in Hong Kong* $140,960.00
21. Association of Hong Kong Visual Arts and Culture Education Limited 2015-2016 Hong Kong Ecocinema Festival* $602,248.00 Download PDF
(Chinese version only)
22. Yan Chai Hospital Live Green‧Eat Green‧Go Green* $1,045,350.00 Download PDF
(Chinese version only)
23. Business Environment Council Limited BEC Low-carbon School – Eco Expo Asia 2015* $493,680.00
24. Bravo Theatre 《Live Your Life . Love Your Planet》 Experiential Education* $418,000.00 Download PDF
(Chinese version only)
25. CNEC Kei Shek Social Service Centre Keep Share, Green Youth Ambassadors Training Programme* $481,526.00
26. Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited 「My Green Space」 Green Building Competition for Schools 2015* $363,320.00 Download PDF
27. Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong ‘Health Toll of Environmental Problems in Hong Kong’ — A Student-led Education Project* $25,600.00 Download PDF
28. HKYWCA Women Affairs Department Green Eating ‧ Treasure Living* $47,675.00
29. World Green Organisation Limited Care for Hong Kong – School Waste Analysts Training Programme* $934,250.00 Download PDF
30. Department of Science and Environmental Studies, The Hong Kong Institute of Education Teaching and Learning of Municipal Solid Wastes Using an Evidence-based Approach * $1,169,360.00 Download PDF
31. Tai Tam Tuk Foundation Limited Establishing a framework and resources for Hong Kong BioBlitzes * $209,700.00
32. CTU Education Foundation Limited Food Grace - Leftovers Reduction Education Program for Domestic Helper & Community* $449,020.00
33. Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong Nam Cheong Nursery School Environmental Angels Life Diary* $52,525.00
34. Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades and Hong Kong Productivity Council Formulation and Promotion of Good Food Waste Management Practices for the Food and Beverage Trade* $1,544,120.00
35. Community Leap Limited Can Do Better! - Waste Classification Education Project * $48,184.00
36. Reconnect Limited Food Wise Farmers* $799,040.00
37. Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Eatwise@OTC* $479,350.00

All activities of the projects marked with " * " have already been completed. Use of materials developed during the course of the project by the project organizer for any activities outside the scope of the project concerned does not in any way imply endorsement by the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) [and Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC)] and should not be construed as indicating any association with ECF [and ECC].

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